Triple Diamond Shea Black Soap

Triple diamond shea black soap is made in west Africa with natural organic Shea butter in Nigeria by women who gets motivated by money and kindness. Ose dudu is the Yoruba name for this black soap.

This black soap is packed with bacteria fighting oils that women in west African communities relies
on. Such benefits; and bacteria-fighting oils and phytochemicals found in the plants, they have always been useful. it is known by its deep cleansing and nourishing properties .

The ingredients are below:
African Black Soap originated with the Yoruba people in Nigeria and the Yoruba communities in Benin
and Togo. It holds great influences in different parts of Africa. The number one biggest ingredient is organic Shea butter from triple diamond which contains anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and antioxidants agents including vitamins D, B, E among others. It’s usually unscented without dyes or other additives. This black soap contains:

Cocoa pod ash
Cocoa butter.

Coconut oil.


Palm kernel oil and palm oil.

Plantain skin ash,

Shea butter( triple diamond organic Shea butter).


African black soap cleanses deeply by exfoliating your face apart from clearing blackheads. 

Benefits of shea black soap

Our shea black soap helps to reduce acne and clear blemishes. It has been reported to reduce and treat the appearance of acne. African shea black soap is unscented and safe for anyone who wants to improve their skin. 

It is even better to use organic shea butter to moisturize your skin and face after using our black soap. 


If used too frequently, it might sting, irritate or cause light burning or breakouts in sensitive skin.

It can be used a few times weekly once your skin gets used to it, like 3 or 4 times a week as it is made with ingredients that might dry your skin. Using triple diamond shea butter can moisturize your skin. Do not overuse otherwise it can cause irritation or dryness.

For any irritation, use triple diamond organic shea butter.




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